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thirdSelf is a personal business platform for ambitious people. We empower creatives and professionals to earn more by doing what they love to do. Join a community that gives back and propels you forward. We are building the first freelancer economy.

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Everybody should be the best version of themselves. We give you the tools to achieve it slowly, surely and beautifully.

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A freelancer economy

We want to grow a community that inspires, energizes, and rewards each other. Because it's a journey.

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We are designed to help you achieve a career out of what you love to do. Bring your passion to life. It's your voice, together.


We are founded on helping others achieve their full self-expression and make something valuable. Make an impact.


This is your pocket business. We do not sell your data, nor do we provide it to third parties. Your data remains your own, always.

thirdSelf is a personal branding platform for freelancers



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